You want to make a booking ?

If you want to make a booking, we invite you to contact us et we will reply very quickly.

Phone numbers:

Email: info@revolins.fr

The additional information below are applicable for all of our bookings:

  • The minimal booking period is one week starting on Saturday afternoon at 2pm and ending the next Saturday morning at 10am.
  • When we confirm the booking, a down payment of 30% of the total renting cost must be transfered within 7 business days in order to confirm the booking.
  • When arriving at the property, a security deposit, which amount would have been clearly specified earlier to you in your rent contract, should be provided. Of course, the security deposit will be returned directly after the check-out when everything would have been verified against the check-in.
  • We do not accept any cheque.
  • We only accept payments via brank transfer.
  • We do not accept animals.
  • We impose the cleaning of our houses through an external company. For Sirocco and Alizés houses it is 50€ (per house) and 75€ for Mistral house.